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Who elects the president?

The New Year of the Monkey will be filled with the challenges of the election.

And what are elections in a democratic country but the selection of the leaders who are to be appointed by the citizens to take command of a nation’s affairs.

They will be given the authority to craft laws, raise wealth for the common good and direct its course, as well as see to the welfare and safety of the people.

The personal and moral values, as well as the way of life of candidates, are scrutinised and examined, because it is these values, or the lack of them, along with ability that
qualify a person to lead along a path of peace and prosperity.

It will be their vision, moral courage and determination to do what is true, right and just that will affect the lives and well-being of every man, woman and child.

A leader must listen to the people and respond with concern, allocating resources, both human and material to improve their lot.

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million, but the wealth of the nation is in the hands of one per cent or less.

It may seem all too obvious to state these basic facts, but they need to be, because that one per cent has ruled the Philippine Islands since Spanish times.

In years past, the puppet masters and spin-doctors of the election process have promoted celebrities and movie stars as fronts for corporate and family groups. These are thrust into the highest office without experience or virtue, and without the knowledge necessary to lead a nation.

They are mostly controlled by their handlers while in office. The electorate is easily duped by the glitzy charade of show biz election propaganda, but the one per cent is not.

In the minds of the ruling elite there is no place for a wise, independent-minded, educated leader of proven integrity, as they could not be easily manipulated. And if one ever does get elected, they will be vilified, opposed and cursed by those who cannot control them.

The puppet masters of The Philippines are the rulers of the dynastic families that form their own competing groups. They contest the pinnacle of power among themselves and rule to secure their own wealth and position, as well as protect their local and foreign interests by entrenching themselves at all levels of government.

The dynastic families that manipulate elections through fraud, bribery, vote buying, the use of automated voting machines and violence are indeed the greatest burden that weighs down and keeps millions of Filipinos in poverty.

Involving no more than around 140 people, the rich families infiltrate their relatives and retainers into every corner and office of the government.

This is especially true in the southern Muslim provinces, where mainstream Muslims want an end to dynastic rule. Consequently they are in constant rebellion, striving to establish their own independent autonomous government. They want to rule themselves. It may turn out to be worse, but it will be theirs.

The government of Noynoy Aquino and the congress need to grant it before international extremists of radical Islam gets a foothold in that region and exploit the anger to turn it into a colony of the barbarian Islamic State.

Despite criticism, the Aquino faithful, for all their perceived faults and failures, are making significant gains and are likely to win the election in May this year.

But in desperation, a fringe group of political families and corporate interests that have been excluded from business deals and juicy posts in government are turning to right wing extremism by pushing an unlikely candidate for president.

He is a city mayor that has openly admitted in televised interviews to a long history of violence, womanising, infidelity and random murder—always in self-defence he says.

He vows to abolish congress, become a dictator, bring back the death penalty and jail small children and young people whom he considers criminals, because he will no longer be able to shoot them as it is believed he did in the past.

This election will be a contest of families and corporate power. They will have their front men and through them control the wealth and lives of the Filipino people.


             • Father Shay Cullen