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What are the ways to improve your attention span?

I reduce my wasted time at work. Often, I find myself wasting time in surfing some favourite websites or something interesting to read. My best way to eliminate all distractions is to leave my phone in voice mail mode and check important messages in a short session. I had to do a list of my work schedule so I could actually finish on time or before the day ends.

We have to discuss a reasonable and more flexible work arrangement with our employer or co-worker. I experienced many trials at work, during which I ended up panicking and then either doing less than my best work or not doing anything at all.

The components for achieving things in a healthy and effective manner are planning and doing. Effective planning will set us up for success, a series of small, clear and manageable tasks. 

                     Himaya Estocado

First, we have to tame our frenzy, which is an emotional state, a feeling of being a little (or a lot) out of control. We must try to improve our balance of positive and negative emotions over the course of a day. We can tame negative emotional frenzy by exercising, prayerful meditating and getting at least seven hours of restful sleep. It also helps us to be aware of our negative emotional patterns.

What can your team do? Start meetings on positive topics and inject some humour. The positive emotions this generates can improve everyone’s brain function, leading to better teamwork and problem solving.

Before we turn our attention to a new task, it helps to sharpen our minds by shifting our focus from our mind to our body. Go for a walk, climb stairs, do some deep breathing or stretches. Best thing is to find a quiet place to pray. I myself do at my noon break prayer time angelus shared by my brothers from Couples for Christ, have a quick lunch then walk in a park near our company.   

  —Iman Payos

Attention to detail is a learned skill and it is one that we can definitely cultivate. This can happen with things at home like paying the bills or even at your work or even in Church activities.

I need to make a list, which is a useful way to be organised and to make sure that I know when and how everything needs to come together. I need to limit distractions.

I try to stay focussed in my mind and go to a quiet area. If I need to be quiet I put my phone on silent mode. I tell my friends not to disturb me unless it is important or an emergency.

I also do exercises to help improve my memory and concentration abilities, which is also good for my body. At least 30 minutes of exercise each day can be good.

Time management is important to allow me to plan and organise my life so as to give myself more space and opportunity. It involves delegating, setting goals and not wasting time doing unnecessary things or worrying about things I can do nothing about.

                                                                                                  —Glenda Sarmiento

Improving my attention to detail is helped by concentrating and ignoring any negative thoughts. My employer is a bachelor and my daily routine is very simple, but I still want to keep my self-discipline when it comes to my work. I finish my work every day before I do anything for myself. Focus and love of work is one way to sharpen my attention. I also need prayer to guide me in my daily work.                                                                                      

 —Bellie Torres