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Kindness in the Jubilee of Mercy

May the merciful love of Jesus give us a chance to share with others, so that we may be able to help all people in need.

During a Mass on the Third Sunday of Advent celebrated by Father Luigi Bonalumi, the gospel reading (Luke 3:10-18) told us about the invitation from John the Baptist to change our way of life, in order to experience God’s forgiveness and to obtain peace to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

On our journey during this Jubilee of Mercy, we need to focus on our hearts and the love Jesus has for us, like his love for the tax collectors, pagans and sinners. He is merciful and ready to forgive our sins and to experience joy within us.

We need to grow in kindness through our prayers, as well as through the encouragement of people around us. In this way, we can experience his love and grace.

We know every day that we meet different people and experience many difficulties, but we need to remain calm and let the Spirit of the Lord guide us and lead us on the right path. We need to abandon our fears and our weaknesses.

We need to be firm and share the kindness and love that we have. We need to let go of our sorrow and hatred, so that joy and love can grow in our hearts.

“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful” (Luke 6:36). We need mercy, for we are sinners; we can find joy to fulfill God’s mercy and comfort to live, as well as have a happy life; we should not get tired of asking for forgiveness, as we know that God forgives and forgives always.

Rodelia Villar 
Immaculate Heart of Mary 
Tai Po