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Congress not for the campaign trail

CEBU (Agencies): No one can accuse Filipino politicians of missing an opportunity of electioneering and with a presidential election in the air this year the large gathering of people in Cebu for the Eucharistic Congress presented such a good opportunity that the organisers had to appeal to them to respect the fact that it was  not about politics.

Monsignor Joseph Tan, the secretary of the congress Communications Department, told them in curt language that they would be welcomed as pilgrims at the congress, but not as candidates for an election.

“Although the congress is open to everybody, including politicians, we want to make sure that we will not change its nature to some kind of a political event for one party or the other, or one candidate or the other,” he said at a press briefing on January 24.

“Of course we expect … some of the people running for office to be present, but they will be treated like any other person, as pilgrims,” Monsignor Tan explained.

“We are open to their presence, but rest assured that this will not become a platform for their electioneering,” he added.

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