CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Learning from the monkeys

The artist whose hand created the painting on the front page of this issue, Susan Chan Siu-chu, wishes all the readers of Sunday Examiner a Year of the Monkey full of blessings and unfulfilled dreams coming true.

Chan describes the monkey as a symbol of unlimited energy and quick wit.

While Chinese parents sometimes compare their children with monkeys, it really is a hidden compliment—a backwards way of saying their children are full of creativity with unexpected ways of getting what they want. In fact, they will not stop until they get it.

This attitude is the first step of perseverance, a quality we need in facing every trial. In the coming year, Chan’s wish for everyone is a ready wit for every dilemma, big or small. She also reminds us that a ready wit comes through prayer, which gives the peace of mind needed to sum up situations.

Although monkeys in Hong Kong can be unwelcome, as they snatch things from your hand and sneak into homes near the mountain areas to steal food and shiny objects, sadly, some of them have been literally tortured for following their natural ways.

In the Jubilee of Mercy, may we have mercy on animals too and find ways of living peacefully with them in this over-developed city, where their living space is getting smaller and smaller.

Monkeys bond in strong families and the Sunday Examiner wishes all readers an enjoyable year and happy family life. 

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