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Are Chinese New Year customs easy for you?

This is my fifth year celebrating the Lunar New Year here in Hong Kong. I don’t find anything wrong in following the Chinese practices during this festivity. I am also used to it. Since we are working here, I think we need to respect and adapt to their customs and traditions. I am always happy and excited to do what must be done in this occasion.

 —Maricris Agon

 As the saying goes, “When you are in Rome, do what the Romans do.” So if you ask my opinion, I would say I will follow and respect the traditions and belief of the Chinese regarding Chinese New Year. We should remember that we are here in Hong Kong and we follow and do what they observe and share their enjoyment of celebrating their Lunar New Year.                                                                                                                                           

—Fromen Albento

I arrived in Hong Kong on 19 February 2014 to undertake my first saga as a family caregiver abroad. That very day was in the Chinese New Year and I felt the warm welcome from my employer when she gave me the red pocket envelope. I had no idea what it was, but later I realised there was money inside. Then, my employer’s friends and even neighbours gave me the same thing when I greeted them, Gong Hei Fa Choi! with a wide smile. Wow! It was amazing to see people freely giving their money to someone. So, I realised that it is easy for me to follow such tradition of sharing red envelopes, as we are also taught by Jesus to share what is within us. This is what I have learned in life, “The more you share, the more you receive.”                                                               

—Armi Daniel


I work in a family that respects my traditions, beliefs and especially my faith. My employer and her family are open to accept who I am and they only asked me to be happy and to feel that they are my family. In terms of their traditions before the day and during Chinese New Year, it is not difficult for me to be with them and to adjust and follow their practices. On the contrary I feel happy and inspired to see them all.

From what I have observed, they give more value and focus to how the family will get together to enjoy their bonding, to be happy and feel grateful for one another, reminding each other that each member is important and loved and they are family forever.

For me, I love to do what makes them happy and I know that the Chinese New Year is special for them. Doing and following their traditions is not a big issue, because I am blessed to be part of their family and I pray that God will continue to bless them.                                                                                                


—Jennifer Umayan