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Pope gets up Trump’s nose

WASHINGTON (SE): An age of derivative journalism has ensured that even the craziest kites flown by the Republican presidential candidate in the United States of America, Donald Trump, receive wide exposure in the skies of the whole world.

The latest tells how Pope Francis has got right up the nose of the flamboyant demagogue.

Politico reported on February 11 that the pope’s intention to stand with migrants and gaze through the fence at the US-Mexico border prompted Trump to describe him as a very political person who does not understand the dangers of the open border the two countries share.

Trump claimed that the pope had been set up by the Mexican authorities, because they want to keep the border open to ensure the continued one-way flow of under the table money from the US into Mexican territory.

“Mexico got him to do it, because Mexico wants to keep the border just the way it is, because they’re making a fortune we are losing,” Politico reported him telling Fox Business in an interview.

Pope Francis says that he is visiting the troubled area around the border as it is a centre of corruption, drug trafficking and a hotbed of cartels profiteering from the suffering of others, and this is not the type of situation that God wants to see in any country.

He has also made his sympathy for the plight of people fleeing violence and poverty quite clear, and made frequent appeals for their humane treatment.


But for Trump, it may have been a case of come in spinner, as the leading question posed to him in the interview was one he certainly could not resist.

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