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The Herods of our day

LIMA (SE): Encouragement from the United Nations to the government of Brazil to give pregnant women free access to abortion to obviate the danger of the Zika virus causing any abnormality in new-born children was called an act of the Herod of all Herods by Juan Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, the archbishop of Lima, Peru.

Breitbrat reported Cardinal Cipriani as saying on February 10 that Herod, “Since he didn’t know what to do and was an animal said let’s kill all the boys under two years of age, so they killed all the boys in and around Bethlehem.”

He continued saying that today we are surrounded by Herods, but Herods with neckties, public posts and budgets, who have decreed that we should approve abortion everywhere so as to kill the children.

The Ministry of Health of El Salvador, one of the countries most affected by the Zika epidemic, reported that 13 women infected with the Zika virus had given birth to perfectly healthy babies with no trace of a problem.

Reports suggest that any connection between the Zika virus and microcephaly in Brazilian babies may be due more to hype and hysteria than serious science.


Only four per cent of the 404 cases of microcephaly in Brazil coincided with Zika infections, indicating that there must be another cause or causes to explain the higher incidence of children born with microcephaly in the populous country.

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