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Cardinal’s questions for Duterte

DAVAO CITY (SE): Presidential hopeful, Rodrigo Duterte, was sent a please explain message from Orlando Cardinal Quevedo on February 12 after he failed to show up to explain his position to the Friends of Peace on the Bangsamoro Peace Process.

The administrator of Davao City, Jaime Quitain, tendered his apologies due to a migraine headache and Cardinal Quevedo sent him a message asking him to answer two questions during his presidential campaign, MindaNews reported.

The first is, “Federalism has been reported as your solution to the peace problem. Since this will presumably take a long time, the peace problem will fester. Your comments on this please.”

The second is, “If you become president, will you take up the Bangsamoro Basic Law again and what kind of Bangsamoro Basic Law will you advocate?”

While wishing Duterte a speedy recovery, Cardinal Quevedo also wanted to know if he would really abolish congress, as that is the logical conclusion of his election platform.

Duterte said on November 30 last year that there is a need to shift to a federal form of government, because the destiny of Mindanao is currently controlled by the national government in Manila.

Cardinal Quevedo told MindaNews that if Duterte had shown up at the meeting at the Waterfront Insular Hotel he also would have asked him six more questions.

How long do you think you need in order to change the constitution and have the (shift to) federalism? In the meantime, the problem in Mindanao is festering;

Your relatives say you would be a dictator. What’s your comment on that?

For many, you represent the masses and your running mate represents the bourgeois;

You are neutral with Muslims, but your running mate is anti-Muslim;

Will you sit on the Bangsamoro Basic Law while you are trying to push for federalism?

You are reported to have said you will abolish congress. Are you serious about this?

Others at the hotel meeting said that they wanted to ask him what his plans to address the need for healing and reconciliation among Mindanao’s divided peoples are.

Another said he wanted him to reveal everything he knew about the Mamasapano incident, since he claims he knows something about it. A third person said he would ask how he would go about the establishing of peace zones in conflict-affected areas.


Friends of Peace is a civic organisation made up of community leaders, scholars and business representatives to work for peace in Mindanao and promote good relations between the Muslim and Christian communities.

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