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Iraqi diocese finished

JERUSALEM (SE): “We are in great danger, our diocese is at an end,” the Syrian Catholic bishop of Mosul in Iraq, Archbishop Youhanna Boutros, told a preparation symposium for the World Day of the Sick in Jerusalem on February 16.

“The Islamic State no longer recognises any dignity of the human being, because for them, the value of life is zero, comparable to that of a cow or a pack of cigarettes,” Archbishop Boutros said.

He added that he believes that it is not just his diocese that may soon be finished, but the whole of the Syriac Church, which he noted is one of the most ancient in Christianity.

A press release from the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem said that the archbishop begged Pope Francis to have compassion for the Iraqi Christians, because they have lost everything except for their faith and their morals.

He described the miracle of the situation as being the ability of the suffering Christian people to remain outgoing and continually offer a helping hand to others, despite their own troubles.


The symposium was held at the Notre Dame Centre in Jerusalem and began with a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto, the apostolic nuncio to Israel and the apostolic delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine.

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