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Let’s pray for a peaceful election

After many years of being a registered absentee voter in a foreign land, I did not waste any time when I returned home. I reported immediately to the Commission on Elections Office to apply for a transfer, as well as for biometric registration.

I am very excited to cast my vote, to exercise my political right in May’s national and local election, as is right and just as citizens of our county.

Though politics in our country is often disappointing and sometimes disgusting, as Filipino citizens, it is our duty and responsibility to get involved and be counted.

It is not that I do not like politics, in fact it always stirs me up to speak up concerning political issues. Many politicians do damage to the image of politics in The Philippines.

When the campaign period was officially announced on February 9, I heard beautiful and amazing promises.

There are no more beautiful promises than those made by politicians.

Yes, promises that even make the dead want to live again when they hear them.

All we hope and pray for is for them to stick to their promises with the dignity and conviction of being servants of our nation. 

Show us a firm and clear disposition that can never be withered by any deceiving influence of money and power during their term of office.

We have already experienced many broken promises, which are far from being realised, and what is worse, forgotten in time.

A public office is not about fame, money, prestige and power, but about willingness, dedication and commitment to serve the welfare and common good of all Filipinos.

A good leader can bring a good image to political history, help the poor and oppressed, improve our justice system, give a ray of hope to the hopeless, serve justice in many unsolved murders of media personnel and journalists, as well as environmental and peace advocates that have been committed with impunity.

Lastly, we Filipinos are hopefully anticipating an orderly, honest and peaceful election. May the best candidates win.



                     • Lynn Salinas