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My first winter in Hong Kong

My first winter in Hong Kong, as I still recall, was 18 years ago. It was colder before, but not as cold as this year’s winter. My employer provided me with winter clothing and also a blanket. She even gave me a winter hat, which she made herself. During that time, my employers’ family had the flu, so they let me take an anti-flu injection to avoid flu and getting sick. Up to the present, I am still with the same employer and I thank God for their kindness.


 Mary Jane Plavio

When I first came to Hong Kong it was difficult for me to adjust to the cold weather, because we have only summer in The Philippines. I got sick that time. Now I am used to the cold climate, since I have been working here for a long time.

My employer provides everything I need for the cold weather and I have some friends who give me winter clothes. My employer understands the situation of the overseas Filipino workers during winter, because they know the climate we have back home.                                                                                                                                              


 —Anabel Penequito 

My first winter here in Hong Kong was not difficult for me because I was still young and healthy. My employers provided winter clothes and blankets for me and I seldom got sick. Now that I’m 47, I need to take better care of myself, like walking exercise daily and eating more fruit, green leafy vegetables and steamed fish. I take six to eight glasses of warm water a day. I always make sure that I can keep myself warm, especially if I go out. The most important of all are prayers for God's guidance and good health, because without him I am nothing.

   Naomi Remolta

needed to adjust during my first winter here in Hong Kong, but because my employer provided me with everything like winter clothes and a thick blanket, I was warm enough. It is a blessing that my employer treats me as part of their family. Now that I am used to the weather and my work is not too busy, I rarely get sick. Hoping that all domestic workers have understanding employers, so that it is not hard for them to work and stay in Hong Kong, especially in this weather.



                                                                                                                    Gemma Francisco

My first winter in Hong Kong was not really hard for me because I had been in Kuwait before and I had experienced really cold weather already.

My friends and my employer gave me winter clothes. Aside from winter clothing, my employer also provided me with thick blankets. If I have extra clothes that I do not use I give them to my friends who have just arrived here in Hong Kong.

I may have experienced a mild cough and runny nose in the cold weather, but thank God it has never been serious.



 Christy Basinang