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Migrant workers top missionaries

BALANGA (AsiaNews): The government of the Emirate of Kuwait has granted a partial amnesty to the approximately 6,000 undocumented Filipinos in its territory and given them an opportunity to legalise their status.

Bishop Ruperto Santos, from the Commission for Migrants and Itinerant People, described the decision in a statement on March 1 as a humane gesture.

He said, “Those who do not have the right papers, or have an expired visa, can report to the authorities not only to fix the situation but also, if they wish, return home without incurring nasty situations at customs. They will avoid being blacklisted and thus will be able to apply for a new visa.”


Bishop Santos said that it is vital that Filipinos overseas keep their noses clean, as, “In all seriousness they are really our best missionaries. They teach and bear witness to the faith every day and in every situation. The government must help them and they should help governments to prevent abuse and mistreatment.”

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