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No fares on the Mercy Bus

MANCHESTER (CNS): The Mercy Bus, an initiative for the Year of Mercy, parks in a neighbourhood of Manchester in England, or one of the nearby towns, each Saturday.

Volunteers offer shoppers gifts of miraculous medals and no fares are charged to get on board.

Priests are available to talk or for confession. Father Frankie Mulgrew, one of the priests involved in the project, described the response as out passing expectations.

More than 400 people hopped on the Mercy Bus during the first two weeks of the programme and priests reported that many people, who had not been active Catholics, in some cases for many decades, requested the sacrament of reconciliation.


Because of the success of the programme, the Mercy Bus, which had been planned as a Lenten campaign, will continue operating through to the end of the Jubilee Year.

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