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Keep your dirty money pope says

VATICAN (CNS): “The people of God—that is, the Church—don’t need dirty money. They need hearts that are open to God’s mercy,” Pope Francis said during his general audience in St. Peter’s Square on March 2.

Speaking out against exploitation and unfair wages for workers, the pope told would-be benefactors to forget about donating money to the Church if their earnings came from mistreating others.

“Please, take your cheque back and burn it,” he said to applause.

The pope stressed that God derives no pleasure from the blood of bulls and lambs slaughtered in his name, he is especially averse to offerings from hands dirty with the blood of another human being and wants people to turn away from evil and do what is just, not cover up their sins with gestures of sacrifice.

“I think of some Church benefactors who come with an offering,” he said, are actually holding out the “fruit of the blood of many people, who are exploited, mistreated, enslaved by poorly paid work.”


The pope said he would tell these donors to go away, because God wants sinners with purified hands, who have changed course, avoid evil and work for what is good and just, like aiding the oppressed and defending the weak.

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