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Children can make a family strong

There is no place like home.” This saying never grows old. Wherever we go on earth, home is always where the heart belongs. Being with our families and loved ones gives us an inexplicable joy and happiness and sense of security and peace.

After 14 long years working in a foreign country, I was given this precious chance to be with my family, strengthening the space of distance, especially with my siblings.

My youngest sister may have a family of her own, but the relationship of being sisters remains. It has even become stronger and been blessed by my lovely niece. It is true that children are the source of joy and happiness.

They warm our home with smiles and laughter. They make home alive as they gather the family together. Children help build family relationships and strengthen marriages. Children are vulnerable, dependent on the love of parents.

Parents are the first teachers at home whom children trust. They can feel that they are loved, cared for and protected by their parents. It is because of this trust that parents should be good role models for their children, motivating in them good traits and values.

We are aware that we are in the cyber age, children are exposed to advanced gadgets. It is not surprising to see children as young as three-years-old know how to use gadgets.

Though it is not bad to be advanced, we should not forget to teach, lead and guide them on the value of time, relationship and family.

On the other hand, there are many cases of broken families and separated spouses. Therefore, the call of fidelity to the vow of marriage is the greatest challenge for every couple.

The vow has to be sealed with love, respect, understanding, care and sharing to build up a happy family.

Lynn Salinas