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Is it difficult to earn your employer’s trust?



I was surprised that one set of house keys was given to me by my employer on my first day of my work. I am grateful for their immediate trust in me. That is why in return I work hard and pray that I will always do my job properly and that I won’t be a disappointment to them. I have been working for the same employer since 2003.



 Beatriz Ganotisi


I didn’t have a hard time earning my employer’s trust. I think the main reason is that they knew from the very start that I am a God-fearing woman and they know that I spend all my off-days serving the Church. All that I did proved to them that I am trustworthy.

Be honest and truthful. Part of it involves having the integrity to tell the truth, even if it means I have to be the bearer of bad news. If I can’t tell my employer the hard stuff, they won’t trust me. If I do wrong, I admit my mistakes and accept responsibility.


                                                                                                 Zeny Lucas


Whether an employee can earn the trust of her employer greatly depends on the employers’ attitude, personality and impression the employee leaves to the employer. If the employer catches the employee doing some misdeed, the employer may not necessarily terminate the employee. However, it leaves a bad impression and the employer will always be on guard against the attitude of the employee.

Hired employees can often be doubted by employers. Therefore, they should try to open a line of communication with the employer, check their expectations and meet them or even do better. From my personal experience, I often work better than what they expect through my hard work and dedication.


One personal experience, I get asked to do emergency jobs that are really not within my scope of work. But regardless of that, I still do the jobs assigned. Doing so gives my boss the peace of mind that I back them up in those kinds of situations. That’s what I mean by extra effort, above and beyond expectations.         

  Mark Palaris


At first it is really hard to work in another country, with a different culture and way of life. It was hard to get the trust of my employer and her family, but through hard work, honesty and my kindness, after six months they trusted me 100 per cent. They feel relieved that when they go for a holiday, they can entrust everything to me and leave me at home. This is the best reward for me as a domestic worker. I am happy that with my dedication to and love of my work, my employer’s family find me worthy of their trust.


                                                                                                 Ailen Satojeto