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Singapore looks to bumper crop of baptisms

SINGAPORE (SE): Singapore is looking towards a bumper crop of adult baptisms at Easter, as 1,127 people currently taking part in the catechumenate fronted at the rite of election, part of the rite of baptism, so far.

At Christ the King Church, 498 catechumens from a non-Christian background and 68 who are seeking full communion with the Catholic Church recently participated in the rite of election. At the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour another 443 are making preparations.

A rite of election was also held on February 21 in Chinese at the Church of the Holy Trinity with 135 catechumens.

“It is a very big milestone for me and also a time to reflect on my faith journey so far,” 56-year-old Roger Loh, told the publication, Catholic News.

Father Erbin Fernandez, the catechetical director for the archdiocese, said that “through our courses, workshops and formation sessions we are encouraging catechetical groups to come together to pray as communities, as well as to work with others in the parish in the areas of evangelisation and discipleship.” 

Archbishop William Goh said there is a 17 per cent increase in people taking part in the rite of election compared with last year.

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