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Campaign to free the defender of the crosses

BEIJING (UCAN): Christian rights groups have been endeavouring to build pressure on Beijing through campaigns aimed at securing the release of Christian lawyer, Zhang Kai, as he has now been held for more than six months (Sunday Examiner, March 13).

On February 26, he was criminally detained and the law requires that he must be charged with 37 days or be released.

Hopes that Zhang may be freed after what appeared to be a coerced televised confession at the end of February diminished when he was then criminally detained in Wenzhou for helping Church communities resist a campaign in which 1,700 crosses have been removed in Zhenjiang province.

“The Free Zhang Kai Campaign aims to raise awareness to pressure Chinese authorities for Zhang’s release,” a spokesperson for China Aid said in a March 5.

The United States of America (US)-based religious rights group launched the campaign on social media and set up a petition through, calling for the president of China, Xi Jinping, to have Zhang released.

In a separate campaign, Christian Solidarity Worldwide has urged Christians and other supporters to write letters to Chinese embassies around the world.


“We hope Wenzhou’s law enforcement authorities can handle this in accordance with the law,” Zhang’s parents wrote in a letter posted online after he was criminally detained.

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