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To be a current of grace

I felt so blissful meeting Michelle Moran, the president of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, during her visit here in Hong Kong at the Caritas Community Hall on February 21.

Before the general assembly of the Charismatic communities in Hong Kong, Moran spoke to around 60 leaders representing different groups. She told them how the Charismatic movement has progressed since its foundation in 1967.

Moran was proudly expressing how glad and happy she is that Pope Francis is into Charismatic Renewal nowadays and promoting it to the whole Church. She simply wanted to echo the message of Pope Francis to all people through the leaders.

She explained that the Charismatic Renewal was built under ecclesiastical identity during Vatican II with a simple spirituality. It was gradually moving throughout the world by the grace of the baptism in the Spirit during Life in the Spirit Seminars.

She said that at first, the Charismatic Renewal had been experiencing literal persecution and was misunderstood by many people. But the believers had never been discouraged.

Moran urged the leaders to focus on the Holy Spirit’s prompting and especially pay attention to what the members need.

She urged leaders to spread the grace of the baptism in the Spirit, which Pope Francis wants the Church to do, because he believes that the renewal of the Spirit is the source of the great joy. He himself had an intense experience of the Spirit’s power.

Moran also said that according to the pope, the identity of the Church is to be the current of grace. It is like an electric current that ignites our spirits and inspires us to work out and keep moving on, as there is no point of stagnation.

She said leaders should always know their duties: to be instruments of God’s grace. Moran also encourage all charismatic communities to be united and let the Holy Spirit be their unifier, as the pope calls all the Church to unity, but not uniformity.

Thank you Michelle Moran for the valuable messages.


                        • Belinda Parreñas
CHL, Choi Hung