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Be grateful for every new day

When your clock goes off in the morning, the alarm to wake you up, what is the first thing that you do? Do you find yourself grumpy about getting up for work, check your cell phone, or worry about your problems? If so, you’re greeting the brand new day, on the wrong way.

Don’t you know that the first thing you do and the first thoughts when you wake up in the morning can truly set a good tone for the rest of your day? So, it is important to start the day off on the right foot by igniting energy in your first waking moments.

I want to share with you my waking routine that could help you elevate your mood, boost your energy and start the day off on the right foot before your toes even touch the floor.

––Get up slowly, give yourself an extra 10 minutes to wake up gently.

––Embrace the light by gliding back the curtain of your window to welcome the shining sunrise

––Smile and take a deep breath to create feelings of happiness and to heighten your self-esteem

––Express gratitude and praise the Lord that you are alive and healthy on this another new day.

––Stretch your body to set your day in motion on an enthusiastic track.




         • Crescenta Camalao Cheung