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How does the suffering of Jesus inspire you in your trials?

I trust in Jesus when I have the trials. I overcome them with the gift of patience and understanding. Like Jesus, I don’t give up, but I keep my faith to solve all my problems especially with my family. I talk to them in a nice and calm way, even if I am away from them. There is no problem that cannot be solved, as long as we trust and have faith in God. I believe no matter how difficult my suffering or how heavy my burdens are, everything will go smoothly through prayer. I know that he will not give me a burden that I cannot carry.

  Grace Baccay

In my spiritual experiences, especially during difficult times, Jesus is my big inspiration to be strong. Thinking of his suffering and death, my suffering is nothing compared with his. It is more than enough for me to be strong and be positive in facing my problems. I surrender all my cares to him. My suffering, frustration and problems are just ways that enable me to be closer to Jesus. As a Christian, I should think that God has always better plans and choices for me. Even if I encounter trials in every way, I will remain patiently waiting for God’s perfect timing.                                                                                                                                              


Juliet Felipe

I believe that Jesus gives us trials because he loves us and he knows that we can carry the suffering with his grace. When I have trials, I ask for God’s guidance and keep my faith in him, which gives me more courage to face trials. Jesus showed us a good example through his obedience to the will of God and accepted all the suffering. Because of Jesus’ example and my faith, I feel stronger every time trials come to my life.


   Rosalie Galicia

As a Christian, I think suffering and trials in life are part of the journey of faith. Jesus has himself showed us how to take suffering with humility by doing the will of God. His suffering helps me a lot every time I have problems and when I am down and troubled. I pray and meditate looking at the crucifix and bear in mind that my suffering is only light compared with the suffering of Christ. It inspires me to be strong and draws me closer to God, which strengthens my faith and helps me conquer all humiliation in life as I remember “with God nothing is impossible.”                                                                                                 

 — Andrea Garcia

We are all sinners in this world. Because of our sins we encounter suffering and trials in life. The suffering of Jesus gives me the most powerful inspiration in my trials and the biggest healing power. I tell myself to try to follow in his footsteps. The Lord’s suffering helps me become stronger to fight and survive the pains and hardships.

I have also learned to repent for my sins and renew my heart and whole being. It increases my faith in him as I believe that God is my only hope in my failures. He is full of mercy and love. Jesus’ suffering and resurrection is a promise to me that whatever difficulties I have, as long as I am connected with God I have nothing to worry about. It helps me to become strong. It gives me courage that as long as I am following him and his righteousness, every trial in my life will lead me to God.


 — Tiffany Christie Malamug