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Concern for a dying world

El Niño, or drought, is extremely felt and experienced in The Philippines. It is a serious and alarming truth. There are many cities and provinces that have been severely hit by this dry spell or long period of time without having rain.

Agriculture has been destroyed and crops are lost. It was reported that even wild animals and snakes have come out of their habitats because it is too hot and the lands get dry.

In our province, specifically in my municipality or locality, we are blessed, because once in a while we still experience rain. Nevertheless it has not been enough to support the need of the land, animals and human life for water.

Many deep wells run out of water. Rivers run dry. I can see myself small local shells and fish have died in waterless rivers and creeks. Shortage of water is a serious problem. Now, we know how precious the gift of water is.

The world is crying helplessly for our concern. May we all be stirred and terrified by the climate change. It is extremely hot in some places and it kills animals, crops and human life alike.

Even though here in my place, there are many trees, yet they are not enough to prevent the rising temperature, as climate change is a global problem.

When I am home, I always busy myself gardening to create a greener and fresher environment. I like to plant fruit-bearing trees. At least in my own little way can help to save our planet.

I am so much alarmed and concerned about the future of our children and the coming generations. And, conservation of water is an urgent call. We must responsibly play our role to save the world before it is too late.


Lynn Salinas