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How does prayer change a situation?

I  believe that prayer can change situations. I encountered so many trials and challenges. But through prayer I overcame the hardship and difficulties in life. Prayer can change situations in so many ways. When I feel that I am lost, sad and nothing, I just pray and ask for God’s guidance. Even if we have nothing to ask for ourselves we still continue to pray for others too. We pray for our loved ones and we pray for others whether we know them or not. We pray for world peace and that all may be one and united. Prayer is the bridge that brings us closer to our Lord. 

  Rachel Aguilar

I  believe that prayer changed situations in my life. I experienced many trials, but through my prayer everything changed and God gave me the courage and strength to handle all of them.

Without prayer, I would not have enjoyed the good life that I am having now. I came back to Hong Kong to work and I prayed to God for a good employer. The Lord answered my prayer and gave me a really good one.                                                                                  

 — Shelanie de Guzman

Prayer is the only means to talk with God. He never fails to respond to my prayer. All I need is to totally surrender to his will and in faith believe that he will answer my prayer. However, I need to be patient and wait for all the things to happen in accordance to his will and in his perfect time. A situation can be changed through prayer. For instance praying for the recovery of a sick person. There are many instances that we may have experienced or heard how God healed the sick through prayer. Faith can change a situation through prayer.

   Rosel Japon

Prayer is truly a gift of grace and can even change a situation in miraculous ways. Just recently, I was facing the most formidable hurdle in my whole life. I was trying to handle it all by myself, but I ended up calling my mom and cried out like a baby. Before we ended our conversation we agreed that we were going to pray after we talked, so I grabbed my rosary and Mama Mary’s image, embraced it so tightly and began praying with such heaviness in my heart and body. I got down on my knees fervently praying to God to take all the heavy loads and heaviness from my heart, to grant me the grace of forgiveness, the grace of acceptance and most of all to heal me.

Right after my prayer, I felt light like a cotton ball. I felt renewed and all of a sudden a great weight has being lifted off from me, and there was an instant shift of my mood into a new found strength and energy. I don’t know how it happened, but one thing I am sure of. Prayer can change the situation no matter how difficult it can be, all we need is just to believe. Prayer is so powerful! 

 — Janine Tinio

A prayer can change a situation depending on how I put my faith in God and how I trust him in every prayer request I make. He answers prayer according to his will and in his own time. God knows what is best for us. Prayer is my only way to have a happy life. I seek guidance from God in every decision I make. I ask for his protection for my family and friends. Prayer brings me closer and keeps me attuned to him.


   Emy Quizzagan