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Roxas is no Yolanda hero

MANILA (Agencies): Mar Roxas may be the candidate for the presidential election anointed by the current incumbent, Noynoy Aquino, but Father Edwin Gariguez says that he is no hero of Yolanda.

Reacting strongly against a comic book being distributed as part of his campaign, Father Gariguez told CBCP News that Roxas certainly is not the hero that he makes himself out to be in the propaganda.

“In conscience, I need to belie this hypocritical claim of Mar Roxas claiming to be a hero in the emergency response,” Father Gariguez said. “We need to bring truth and decency into our electoral process. A call that I dare to make to all candidates.”

Father Gariguez, who is the executive secretary of Caritas Philippines, called the 28-page comic, titled Sa Gitna ng Unos (In the midst of the storm), unacceptable propaganda, as it projects Roxas as a man of action risking life and limb to save people during the storm.

Father Jazz Siapco, the director of the Lipa Social Action Centre, was also critical of the comic, calling it misleading and intended for no other reason than to advance a political agenda.


“He is not a hero. I would consider those who have helped silently in their own little ways the heroes. They are the real heroes,” Father Siapco said.

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