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A letter to heaven— to the late Father Stephen Tam-kwan

Dear Father Stephen

This Easter is so different as we are without you now and ever. You left us on December 8 last year after serving us for over 40 years. We miss your smile, your voice, your face and your footsteps. You spoke a little, but you did so much for us.

You came to our catechism class every Saturday evening. You talked to us before the class began. You invited us to meet the leaders of the different groups and let us join them, such as the choir, the lector and charity groups, the Legion of Mary and others. When we were baptised, some people from these groups became our godfathers and godmothers.

You always visited patients in hospital. You taught the catechists on Wednesday evenings. You comforted families at funerals.

You were willing to help us when we were in difficulties. You cared for us and supported us. 

You encouraged our children to enter Catholic schools, as you wanted them to learn and grow up in the Church. You let them join the voluntary learning group on Sunday afternoon in the parish. You welcomed children from south Asia to join the group. You loved children and always blessed them. 

You loved the young people and let them organise a band and practice in a special room all the time.

You loved families and visited them frequently.

You loved the old people, respecting them. You cared for them by promoting different activities for them, like singing Chinese opera, day camping, pilgrimages and tours.

You liked to tell us about memorable events. You once told us that meetings were held beneath the staircase when you were the leader of the Catholic Society when studying in university. 

You celebrated your 60th anniversary in October before you passed away a few months later. Although you were suffering from cancer at that time, you always wore a smile. You were so brave in facing all the difficulties.

We miss you so much. We are sure that you will still pray and care for us from heaven. We are looking forward to meeting you some day. Father Stephen Tam-kwan, we love you! You are always in our minds and hearts. Shalom!



• Gertrude Poon Wai-wah  
Shek Kip Mei