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Do you support the K-12 education system?

Yes, I am in favour of K-12 system (Kindergarten to Year 12), because it will further develop my child’s ability and help them prepare for a better future. This programme gives them choices on what to do and who to be after the programme or before they reach university. Just like in other countries with this programme, jobs and chances of working are better after high school due to skills and subjects that have been taught during their K-12 years. This programme is an introduction to university where basics will be taught and that is the reason our children may find it easier to get jobs as soon as they graduate.

When it comes to financial status, that won’t be a burden for it will be on your child’s education. What else is a better investment than your child’s education, right?

                     Barbie Dayne Marquez

No, but we don’t have a choice. It was implemented already. K-12 is just an additional burden to some parents. Most of our parents just want to send their child to get a crash course which needs a short period of time to finish. The main reason is that they can only afford the fees for tuition and other expenses for a shorter period of time; they want their child to work at an early age to help them with the financial aspect.

Our government does not see this. They just implement what they see in other countries, which is not applicable here in The Philippines. They said that after grade 12, the student can work for any position they want. I don’t believe them.   

 — Joemel Gacutan

Yes, I will support K-12 education. The school fees of senior high school is subsidised by the government in public schools and there will be a scholarship and voucher programme if they choose to take senior high school in private institutions. This means that the burden of expenses for the additional two years need not be completely shouldered by parents.

 — Rumber Ungsod

Luckily my son is now in college and he does not need to go under the K-12 programme. Personally I don’t support this, because aside from draining the parents financially, it would also be a waste of time for the generation of today.

K-12 needs two more years of high school before students join university, but sad to say most graduates today don’t land a job matching their profession. Having longer periods of studying doesn’t guarantee a good landing for a job or even a good future for our children. Many graduates have no available or at least only limited job offers.

Many students have to leave their schools to find another one who has more available rooms and teachers for years 11 and 12. The Philippines is not ready yet for this system. 


 — Ali Subli