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I am proud of you!

to my former students who graduated in 1985

I always miss my students who graduated in 1985. Their young faces and behaviour are always in my mind. I love them so much for they are such a special class that I can never forget.

I was their class teacher from 1981 to 1985. I taught them English, mathematics, religious studies, liberal studies and visual arts. This class was really smart, with intelligent, helpful and diligent students who graduated with wonderful results.

Their class monitor was Chung Wai-leung. He had emigrated to the United States of America (US), where he was in high school. Chung was such a helpful and responsible boy.

I was told that one day he helped his classmate retrieve a football from the highway and was knocked down by a car. He was seriously hurt and soon passed away. One of his last requests for his mother was to tell me about his death. 

I left that school in 1994. We lost contact with each other afterwards. But one of the students, Tse Tat-chi, recently returned to the school and asked for a way to contact me. Another two students, Kwok Tse-ming and Lai Ka-leung, managed to contact 22 other former classmates.

We had a gathering at the end of last year in a restaurant. Lai made a big banner to hang on the wall saying, “An appointment with Miss Poon.”

While talking to those classmates during the gathering, we also talked to those now living in Singapore, Australia, Canada and the US online.

My former students gave me a bunch of beautiful flowers, an old photo album with photos taken 30 years ago and a record book. Also, I got some organic rice from Yau Yuk-wah and a calendar from So Lai-na.

They made cookies for every one with names on them. My cookie was in the shape of a church with my name Gertrude Poon on it. Is it amazing?

I am so impressed with what they did for me. Being a retired teacher, the best reward is that my former students still remember me after 30 years.

Thank God for this wonderful and special class, especially my angel class monitor, Chung Wai-leung. I am really proud of you all. Amazing grace!


 • Gertrude Poon Wai-wah
Chai Wan