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Are you going to vote in the election?

No I am not going to vote this coming election because I am not on the certified list of overseas voters from the Comelec. Nevertheless, I always pray to our Almighty God that those candidates in this coming election will be better than the previous ones. May the voters be guided by the Holy Spirit to choose the right candidates that will truly serve the country unselfishly.


                      Janet Gacutan

Yes, and it will also be my first time to vote. The reason why I am voting is because I believe in the candidate that I have in mind. I feel that he is the right candidate with a strong leadership, governance and loyalty. The Philippines and the Filipino people need someone who could make a change. Furthermore it is our right as a Filipino to vote.   

 — Lyrec Basanes

No, I will not vote this coming election because I did not register for absentee voting. I do not know who to vote for and I don’t like politics. 


  Chona Mina

Yes, I will vote. I am voting because I am hoping for a change for the better in The Philippines. This coming election I decided to register and vote because I know one presidential candidate who can be a good leader and can help in the improvement of our country and make it a better place to live. It is very important for us Filipinos to vote this coming election with the hope for better governance and improvement in our government system. For all Filipinos, our vote is important in this coming election. This is our right and privilege being citizens of The Philippines.   


 Liza Bandoja