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Hear the cry of children

Children complete a family, while family composes a society. A family with children is a blessing from God.

There are many problems and threats a family is facing. Apart from broken homes and families, children and young adults have changed a lot. This selfish and materialistic world has influenced the upbringing of many of our children. They become lazy and disrespectful to their elders.

At their young age they learn to use drugs and indulge in different vices harmful to health, family, society and their future.

Such problems can be the result of the lack of care from broken families caused by distance or migration of spouses seeking brighter and better living in foreign countries.

Moreover, there are many cases of unwed couples and unwanted pregnancies that often end in abortion and abandonment of their babies and children.

Children from broken families can be violent and aggressive in their behaviour, because of the feeling of being unloved and rejected, and that may lead them to commit serious crimes at a young age.

Truly, truth does hurt, but this is a reality to be dealt with seriously, to preserve the well-being of every person and family with dignity.

Children and young adults oftentimes become victims of exploitation of this cruel and oppressive world. Their innocence and vulnerability have been taken advantage of for the personal interest of heartless people.

What I really like and admire about children is their innocence and humility. They can easily say sorry if they have committed some offence. They are not afraid of daring challenges. They may cry if hurt, but don’t give up so easily. They trust people close to them. They are happy and joyful people.

On the other hand, we can see many children in the world who suffered because of poverty, hunger, as victims of war and conflict, human or child trafficking and child labour.

May all this suffering and misery concerning families and children open our eyes, hearts and minds and may their cries be really heard and served.


Lynn Salinas