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Xi Jinping with a saffron tinge

HONG KONG (AsiaNews): While reports vary as to how the personality cult being promoted by the president of China, Xi Jinping, is going, two videos posted on YouTube portraying him with a saffron tinge suggest that he may not just be the saviour of the world, but the one who holds the key to heaven as well.

The saffron-tinged president is presented in the two videos as being the idol of the Buddhist world and one Buddhist master, Yinguang, is shown beating his followers up to the verge of religious fanaticism.

Yinguang appears on screen preaching to hundreds of monks and saying, “China is a strong country with vast territory, rich resources and a large population. As long as China is strong, the world could be saved and there is hope for Buddhism.”

As he really warms to his task, he continues, “Thus, we all practitioners of Buddhism must closely unite around the party central committee led by Xi Jinping to fulfill Xi’s Chinese dream, rejuvenating China and leading the world.”

He concludes with a resounding greeting to his adoring congregation, telling them they are Monks of Mao Zedong.

The second video is even more intriguing, showing another master, Chin Kung, who studied Buddhism in Taiwan and has preached in the United States of America, saying, “Now the range of China’s rejuvenation is the globe.”

As he really warmed up, Chin enthuses, “We have a good leader, President Xi. Really lucky. I read his speeches when he visited India and several other countries. I feel really happy.”

However, he does not stop at politics, but launches right into the religious realm, extolling, “He is the reincarnation of the Buddha and he devotes to the country, the national and the lives around the world, regardless of himself. Therefore the world is promising.”

The Economist and Time magazines have both recently run features on the cult of Xi. Both websites were blocked in China.

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