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Church building turns professional

MANILA (Agencies): The archbishop of Manila announced on April 12 that any major building or renovation programme with a cost estimate in excess of 200,000 pesos ($33,400) will now come under the competence of a newly established engineering authority.

In a letter to pastors, school directors and institutional heads, Luis Cardinal Tagle said that this will assist the archdiocese in the construction or renovation of Church facilities.

He said the archdiocese feels the need of professional guidance and direction in this area “since as priests and religious, construction is not our main competence.”

He added, “Thus, our Engineering Department will help ease our concerns.” He added that the new policy covers construction projects in parishes, schools, chapels, retreat centres, cemeteries, dormitories and any type of facility.

From now on, all construction projects will have to be reviewed and approved by the cardinal with the help of the properties administration department.

CBCP News reported that if the construction or renovation involves churches, especially the altar, chapel or oratory, the Commission on Liturgy shall first review the plans and endorse them to the building committee.

In the past, there have been complaints from parishioners about ambitious and costly projects by parish priests, who refused to listen to their people, leading to great frustration.

Eventually all plans will go back to the archbishop’s office.

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