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Christine Jacob goes out of the Church then back again

MUNTINLUPA (Agencies): Like many in the showbiz world, Christine Jacob has dabbled in a few religions in her time.

“It was a very, very tough time in my life,” she noted, especially in the days she was on noontime TV almost daily.

Though a cradle Catholic, the former Olympic swimmer and show host joined born-again fellowships with her celebrity friends in a desire to have what she called a personal relationship with Jesus.

She thought this could also help her become immune from the bad influences the entertainment industry is notorious for.

“For a while, I didn’t know where, how I was going. And that was when I got into born-again. That, at least, at that point, helped keep me grounded,” she explained.

Ironically, after years of soul searching, she found that what she was looking for in the faith of her youth.

“And from there I was just praying for somebody to just come into my life, you know? And then I met my husband who’s Opus Dei,” CBCP News reported her as saying.

Thanks to the love of her life, Francisco Sandejas, she made the return trip back to the cradle of her faith.

“We would always debate, trying to see who’s the best, trying to convert each other or something like that,” she explained with a smile.

“He taught me how to relearn the Catholic faith over again,” she added.

Jacob then had exposure to the pro-life cause, becoming one of the country’s better-known defenders of family and life.

She said that since becoming a Catholic again and a wife and mother to boot, she sees to it that everything the family believes, says and does is in keeping with the Catholic faith.

“So with my children, I always make sure it is really an important part of their life. More than anything, it is more of a relationship they need to have,” she stressed.

Jacob pointed out that the job of any parent, and of mothers in particular, is easier if they know their children have faith.

“I think that’s already half the battle for any parent if they know that their child is close to God,” she said.

They are trying to make sure that all five of the little Sandejases grow up as respectful, honest and disciplined people.

“It is not so much about going to Mass every day. It is not that. It is just understanding the children, empathising with them, being there for them. I think for me that would be a real mother,” she said.