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Keeping the spirit of optimism in suffering

A typhoon is just a common phenomenon in The Philippines. Somehow, Filipinos are used to it. We are no longer surprised by all the devastating natural and human-made calamities, tragedies and damage they cause every time.

Typhoons happen one after another. They bring heavy rain, strong winds and landslides. They ruin homes, lives, crops, livestock, roads and infrastructure alike. Even fallen trees and logs simply float away.

The devastation typhoons bring is as huge as the typhoons themselves. The misery of Filipinos does not end with typhoon itself, but the aftermath, like severe flooding as high as rooftops and the fear of spread disease make things more miserable. Many are left homeless in need of clothing, food and medicine.

The Filipino spirit of resilience is often tested, but has been proven unshakable in faith. Amidst the suffering and miseries Filipino people have been through, they manage to rise above human suffering. We stay strong in facing the adversities of life with our unfading happy spirit.

It is not that Filipinos rejoice over our grief of lose, but we manage to keep the spirit of optimism alive in difficult times. Full of hope, Filipinos patiently pick and gather the scattered pieces of their broken hopes and dreams to start life anew.

For even in a time of calamity and tragedy, the Filipino spirit of bravery and heroism shines. We are willing to help to save the lives of those who are in danger. Even school children have charitable hearts and help other children in great need. 


              • Lynn Salinas