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Put away your gavel

Sitting high in the judgement seat keeps us from getting on our knees. Matthew 7:1 says, “Do not judge others so that God will not judge you.”

Many celebrities act like judges. Some even have their own television shows where they scold, cajole and sentence those who are invited on the show. Sometimes it is tempting to put on the long black robes ourselves and pass judgement on others. It is easy for us to see their faults and pronounce them guilty.

There is only one problem: in the kingdom of God, being judgmental is courting disaster. When we pronounce verdicts on others, we open ourselves to the same kind of prosecution from them and from God. Not only that, but often we judge others for the same fault we have ourselves, leaving us no room for the mercy that we definitely need.

So we should leave the judging to God. And when we see others misbehaving, we have to pray for them. Thank God for the mercy which is available to all, including ourselves.


 • Norma Gala