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About Lily — A poem to Sanna

Lily passed away one Sunday morning in spring,

when the sunlight is warm

Our love is with her.


That Saturday morning

She left home early for the university.

She told us that she would come home early for dinner

after her service in church.

Her smile was so lovely.


But unfortunately 

she never came back.

She died on the zebra-crossing 

after being knocked down by a truck.

Blood shed on the road

making it red.


We lost our angel forever.

We remember her face,

smile and voice.

She loved the lily so much.

Her funeral was covered with lots of lilies. 

And lilies will blossom
on her grave.


We know that she cares
for us all.

She will never leave us.

She is always in our hearts.


Lily, we love you so much.

And we will see you some day.

Don’t worry.

We will take care.



Gertrude Poon Wai-wah
Chai Wan