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Promises of change can be misleading cardinal says

MANILA (UCAN): “Do not be mesmerised by surveys and claims of change by any means. Follow the road of the Christian disciple, faithful to the Lord Jesus and to the teachings of his Church,” Orlando Cardinal Quevedo, from Cotabato, The Philippines, said as he cautioned people not to be affected by promises of change made by those who ran for public office in the May 9 elections. 

“Sadly, a candidate who promises change could have the same values and behaviour that require change,” the cardinal said, adding that what the country needs is profound change in mind, behaviour and values.

The statement was addressed to Catholics in his archdiocese. He called on voters to apply their moral and religious values when casting their ballot and urged support for candidates who have an option for the poor and those with moral integrity or someone “that is not tainted by corruption, unexplained wealth, and properties, and enrichment in office.”

Canvassing of results and proclamation of winners will take place from May 13 to 15, while the last day for filing of sworn statements of election, contributions and expenditures is June 8.

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