CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Big welcome for Hong Kong’s newly-baptised

HONG KONG (SE): Over 900 people joined John Cardinal Tong Hon, the bishop of Hong Kong; Auxiliary Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung  and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing; and diocesan chancellor, Father Lawrence Lee Len, at a welcoming event for the newly-baptised of the diocese organised by the Hong Kong Central Council of Catholic Laity at the Southorn Stadium, Wanchai, on May 1. 

Cardinal Tong encouraged the newly-baptised not to limit themselves to only attending Mass on Sundays, but to nourish and enhance their faith life. 

He urged them to develop their prayer life, read the scriptures and serve so that they might deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church “and take up the responsibility of evangelising and bearing witness to God.” 

He also thanked the catechists for their dedication and service.

The Augustine Drama Group used a dramatic presentation depicting the trials of a Catholic to look at issues of justice and mercy, while the Catholic Rosary Evangelical Dance Group expressed the joy of being a Catholic through their performance.

Bishop Ha evoked the image of the little boy in the recounting of the miracle of five loaves and two fish (John 6:1-15) as he exhorted the new Catholics to put their trust in God like the boy whose humble offering allowed Jesus to feed five thousand. 

He also urged those present to care for those in need even if they may not be able to give practical help, as the love in their hearts will not be ignored by Jesus. 

Bishop Yeung also reminded the gathering that prayer helps us through times of trial.

Cardinal Tong, Bishop Ha, Bishop Yeung and Father Lee then shared about their own ministries and encouraged the people to seek continuous formation.

Ka Shue-yan, who was baptised at Easter along with her daughter, told Kung Kao Po that it was the example of her husband that led her to the faith. She expressed the hope that they could show the love of God in caring more for others.

Wong Chi-yung, said he was moved by the dedication of the catechists who patiently shared their knowledge of the faith with him. He said that even though he had studied in Catholic schools, it was in catechism class where he renewed his relationship with God.

Au Bing-sum, executive secretary of the laity council, said the annual large-scale event is meant to give the newly-baptised the experience of welcome into the big family that is the Church.

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