CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Liturgical seminar about the Word of God

HONG KONG (SE) : A liturgical seminar was held by the Chaplaincy for Filipinos at Sing Yin Secondary School, New Clear Water Bay Road, on May 2.

Father Randy Flores, the current Dean of the Divine Word School of Theology, Tagaytay City, who teaches bible and Hebrew language,  was the invited speaker. 

Father Flores shared that all kinds of ministers in the Church  must be acquainted with the Word of God, and service to the Church without the Word of God is meaningless.

He encouraged that a Catholic must keep a bible and be familiar with the Word of God.  He advised those present to read the bible meditatively, and make the Word of God the centre of their lives, as it can give them direction and inspiration.

He recommended bible sharing among friends so as to encourage one another to read the bible. He believes it is possible to have bible sharing with other Christian denomination, but there is no need to proselytise because the Word of God is for everyone. 

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