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Vatican funds job-creation project for refugees in Jordan

VATICAN CITY (CNS): The Vatican is funding a job-creation programme for Iraqi refugees in Jordan, which is hosting close to 1.5 million refugees of whom but is struggling to provide work for them. Around 130,000 come from Iraq and 1.3 million from Syria.

With $1.16 million (US$150,000) donated by visitors to its pavilion at the World’s Fair in Milan in 2015, the Vatican will provide the funding that Caritas Jordan needs to launch the project.

A communique from the Pontifical Council Cor Unum on May 10, said that 15 Iraqi refugees will have fulltime work cultivating, producing and selling vegetables and oil. The jobs will allow them to provide for their families and become self-supporting, the office said.

Cor Unum said that an additional 200 Iraqi refugees will be given training in carpentry, agriculture and the food industry, while a further 500 will be given seasonal employment.

Many refugees look for work and often accept jobs without contracts, said Wael Suleiman, director of Caritas Jordan. “But the market does not offer many opportunities.”

The project, which will be based at Caritas’ Our Lady of Peace Centre in Amman, scheduled to be inaugurated on May 12.


After the initial funding from the Vatican, it is hoped the products produced will earn enough for both the workers’ salaries and future project costs.

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