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Two-year old shot in job dispute in Pakistan

Faisalabad (SE): A Muslim landowner in Nazimabad, Pakistan allegedly shot and killed a two-year-old Christian boy according to a May 11 report the Fides news agency.

A dispute arose when the child’s father, Samsoon Masih, refused to do further work at the home of Haji Rasheed, without first getting paid for painting his house.

Fides reported that Rasheed and his son, Bahsrat, then broke into the Masih’s house and started shooting indiscriminately, injuring Masih and his father but killing the boy, Ayaan.

“We are saddened by the news,” a lawyer, Aneeqa Maria Anthony, said.

“An innocent child was killed because of a petty contract to paint a house. It is inhumane,” said the coordinator of The Voice, an organisation that works to protect minority groups in Pakistan.

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