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Taiwan’s Jesuit university to recruit in Beijing

  BEIJING (SE): In an effort to recruit more students from the mainland, the Jesuit-run Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan, opened an office in Beijing on August 13, the mainland Chinese news service, Xinhua, reports.

Xinhua describes Fu Jen University as being one of the island’s most prestigious universities.

It quotes the university’s office of academic affairs as saying that Fu Jen has already recruited 99 mainland students this year, which amounts to more than double its original planned intake of 40.

A statement issued by Fu Jen at the opening of its new Beijing office says that it plans to offer scholarships and give primary admission to students selected from prestigious high schools on the mainland from next year onwards.

Taiwan has opened up its borders to students from six mainland provinces and municipalities this year—Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong.

Mainland students can now be admitted to any of the 100-plus universities and colleges scattered around the the island of Taiwan.

This includes students who wish to enroll in theology faculties and already there are priests and sisters planning to cross the seas to study there.

The press release from the new office says that scholarships offered to mainland students for a bachelor’s degree at Fu Jen amount to 500,000 New Taiwan dollars (about $133,730) per academic year, which students can put towards tuition fees and living expenses.

Scholarships for students pursuing master’s degrees come to 250,000 New Taiwan dollars ($66,865).

“The scholarship programme is specifically designed for mainland students,” Liu told the press.


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