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Pope wants more Running Priests

VATICAN (SE): Pope Francis told the general chapter of a community most popularly known as The Running Priests that their reputation for moving quickly to help those in need is something that the Church could use much, much more of.

The Congregation of the Little Work of Divine Providence was founded in Italy by St. Liugi Orione, who died in 1940.

Referring to the delegates as the Running Priests, Pope Francis said that the Church is in need of more involvement in street apostolates, saying that the society reminds him of St. Bernard saying that love is always on the way, love is always setting out.

“I also exhort you to remain close to your environments, but go out,” Pope Francis stressed to the chapter delegates.

“There is so much need for priests and religious that do not stay only in charitable institutions,” the pope continued, saying that this work is necessary, but that there is also a need to bring to every environment, including the most distant, the perfume of Christ’s charity.

“Never lose sight either of the Church or of your religious community, indeed your heart must be there in your cenacle,” he said, “but then it is necessary to go out to bring God’s mercy to all, indistinctly.”

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