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Rain revives the earth

At long last, in mid-May, the people’s prayer was finally answered when heavenly blessing poured out rain. Indeed, worth the wait. We praise and thank God for his mercy and compassion for the wet season has come.

I can see trees smiling, their branches seemingly praising God and birds of the sky happily tweeting. Trees and grass have been watered enough to replenish their thirsty roots. Rain is of great help in bringing to life the dry lands, to fill the waterless creeks, rivers and wells.

Animals, especially the local ones used for farming, have run out of grass to eat. Every household cries out because of the shortage of water. This was my worse experience of a weather phenomenon from El Niño. It was devastating to all living creatures.

Thank God we are now in the process of transition from drought to rainy season. However, the fear of Filipinos is more than just rain itself, because apart from typhoons, floods, landslides and the spread of diseases, La Niña, which often follows El Niño, is threatening.

Nevertheless, rainy days mean a season of planting for farmers. This is the best season for farming. And, the challenge for me during the rainy days is to go out and climb the slippery hills just to plant my growing fruit-bearing seedlings on the farm. The seedlings have been ready to be planted since I grew them a few months ago.

As a concerned citizen of our country, I believe planting is a way to help solve the worsening environmental problem of the world. 



Lynn Salinas