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Police guilty of collusion as charged

BELFAST (CNS): A June 9 report from the Ombudsman’s office in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has described police collusion with gunmen from the Ulster Volunteer Force in the murder of six Catholic men in a pub in Loughinisland village as a catastrophic and indefensible investigative failing amounting to a corruption of the criminal justice system.

Paramilitary personnel loyal to Britain massacred the men in 1994 and the lawyer for their families described the results of the investigation as one of the most damning expositions of state collusion in mass murder.

Father Edward McGee, from Down and Connor diocese, said, “There is a healing to be found in truth and in justice—the families and the diocese welcome this report as an important step on that journey.”

The victims’ families had alleged for more than two decades that the police in Northern Ireland failed to investigate the killings properly because they were protecting informers.

The men had gone to the pub in the tiny village to watch the World Cup match between Ireland and Italy when they were cut down by gunmen on 18 June 1994.

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