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Are you comfortable sharing your faith with your employer?



My employer is not a believer, so it is hard to share my faith with them. But I told them that during my holidays I spent most of the time in a Catholic Church where I serve as acolyte.

I also asked my employer if I can teach their son some Christian songs and prayers. They said it is okay and will let their son decide on what religion he would like to choose when he becomes older.

   Jenny Emanig

Yes because as a Catholic my obligation is to share and spread God’s word. By sharing my faith with my employer and her family, they can gain more information about me and know what kind of worker I am. And they can figure out why I am like I am, because of my religion.

We may have a different religion, but we have one thing in common and that is our faith. My employer said that it is not the religion, but the faith that brings us together as one.

I am comfortable in sharing because what I am sharing is written in the bible and that is what I am practicing. By sharing, maybe we can be an eye opener for them to change their religious belief and embrace Catholicism.

I can share my thoughts and beliefs and listen to their sharing too. This can also be a way to communicate properly with my employer. I feel happy because my employer listens and also understands, and we get the chance to talk about our own religions.                                                                                                                              

 — Karen Salagan

My experience with my previous employer was quite disappointing. I could say that she was not an open-minded person. I did try to share with her my faith as a Catholic whenever I got a chance, but she responded with criticism, which made me upset. With my current employer and her family, I dare not share my faith with them, since they rarely talk to me. Even if they have important things to ask me to do, my lady employer will only leave a note in the kitchen even though she is staying home. Sad to say, I am not comfortable to share my faith with them.               

  Jonaida Dadhoc

Yes, I always share my faith with my employer and she is willing to listen to my sharing. My employer’s family is Christian and this is an advantage for me to have a good relationship with them, because showing my faith and respect for what we believe is one way to be inspired in everyday life. They are supportive in my service at the parish and I am thankful for that.                                                                                                                     


 — Monette Amigleo