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Builders and peacemakers in a broken world

The suffering around the world is stressful. Sometimes we even reach the point where we just want to close our eyes and ears from all the devastating realities happening around us, just to avoid being stressed and getting affected.

But no matter how we try to avoid the painful realities of life, the problems are still there as there is no escape. We all need to face and deal with the challenges of life and its imperfections as long as we keep breathing.

During my few months’ stay in Kenya last year, I was bombarded with many painful truths—like disease, poverty, starvation and the massive killing of young students in one of the universities.

Many innocent lives who dreamed big for themselves and families were lost to an untimely death. I can still feel the sorrowful agony of the victims’ families who lost their loved ones in the nonsensical killing.

Parents too dreamed big for their children, but in just a blink of an eye, their hopes were shattered and their dreams were buried in a grave, six feet below the ground. Some survivors had to cope with their traumatic experience. Students too have become the helpless victims of this cruel world.

Violence excuses no one or any place where it is going to happen. It is happening in every corner of the world, neither Kenya nor The Philippines is exempted.

Our children are the first innocent victims to be influenced by this aggressive and unforgiving world.

They should be raised and nurtured in the values of life, living in a society where there is love, care and respect for the dignity of every person, so that the culture of hate and revenge may not dwell in their hearts. They should grow up with love and have compassion toward others.

Dealing with the realities of life is never easy and it always hurts, but it is even more painful and hurtful when we just turn a blind eye or deaf ear to the cry of the suffering world, allowing the misery of darkness to steal the dreams of our children.

May our younger generation have the courage and bravery to speak out and be the voice of the world. May the brightness of truth overwhelm them and inspire a desire to become God’s instruments of love, peace, hope and reconciliation to bring justice and healing to our broken and troubled world.

Lastly, may God unveil the darkness of fear in our hearts so we may all become active bearers of God’s truth, love and peace wherever God may lead us. We should always remember that God sends his bravest soldiers to the toughest battles, not to destroy, but build what has been shattered.


 • Lynn Salinas