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To be or not to be home for dinner

We work now work every day and often cannot go home even for dinner.

I remember our school principal, Sister Magdelene Siu, often said, “A house is built by hands, but a family is built by the heart. You must go home for dinner. A happy family can support you to be a good teacher.”

A doctor who recovered from SARS told the media in 2003 that God gives everyone four balls with four different kinds of treasures—family, friends, work and health. Three balls are made of glass that can be broken. Only one is made of plastic that can bounce up and down.

Which is the plastic ball? Is it work?

We must look after our family, friends and health, as they are the fragile glass balls.

The doctor said he, therefore, decided to make it a rule to go home for dinner.

There is a time for work, a time for rest, a time for home, a time for dinner and family gathering.

A happy family is really a shelter for us from work.

So let us take our dinner at home, but not at the office or elsewhere. 


• Gertrude Poon Wai-wah
Chai Wan