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Archbishop Hon mover and shaker in Guam

HATAGÑA (SE): Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai has shown himself to be a mover and shaker since arriving in the archdiocese of Agaña on June 6 to act as administrator while Archbishop Anthony Apuron is under investigation on sexual abuse charges.

In two short weeks since his arrival, he has done some major reshuffling, introducing new protocol for the transfer of priests and other Church personnel, as well as appointing Father Patrick Castro as a point man for victims of abuse.

Monsignor Bibi Arroyo is to be the new spokesperson for the diocese.

Pacific News reported that he has also created four ad hoc committees. One is to make plans for a new bishop in the future, another to improve the ongoing formation and education of the clergy, a third to look at the nature of leadership roles and recommend new appointments.

The final one will conduct seminary visitation with a view to a shake up in the formation of student priests in Guam.

The appointment of a new point man to deal with complaints about sexual abuse is seen as being of crucial importance, as CWN reported that critics of Archbishop Apuron charge that he deliberately established policies to thwart serious investigation of sexual-abuse complaints.

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