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The way Yvonne loves fish — A letter to Sanna

Yvonne told me that she loves fish. So I ordered fish for her.

But then she clarified that she never eats fish for she loves fish.

When we celebrate, we kill animals, fish and birds. Why do we make soup out of snakes and shark fins? Why do we eat chicken, ducks, geese, baby pigs and pigeons? Why do we eat lobster, oyster, prawns, crabs, garoupa and abalone?

But we never eat dogs or cats. For they are our pets.

Why can’t we treat animals, fish and birds as our lovely friends?

Since we love God and nature, why can’t we protect the earth by saving the lives of animals, like fish and birds?

Can we live simply so that other creatures can simply live? 


      • Gertrude Poon Wai-wah
Chai Wan